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our planet

We’re committed to making smarter choices towards a carbon neutral future. Climate change is an issue and we're passionate about reducing our impact. Here's what we're up to...

our packaging journey

We're on a journey to find the most sustainable materials (that protect our planet), whilst also maintaining the highest quality of food safety. It's no mean feat, but our goal is a circular economy – using recycled materials, again and again.

tub and lid

tub and lid



bottle cap

bottle cap



pouch cap

pouch cap

made from

100% rPET #1 (plant range) PP #5 (dairy range)

98% rPET #1


Soft Plastic #7


how they’re

rinse and place in kerbside recycling

rinse and place in kerbside recycling

keep it on the bottle

rinse then send to TerraCycle or place in soft plastics collection bins

keep it on the pouch

working on

100% rPET

to keep kefir fresh for longer. 2% of the bottle is coloured PET


exploring all alternative options but this is challenging due to food safety


why rPET? why not glass?

rPET is the most sustainable plastic for our tubs of yoghurt. It’s made from post-consumer recycled materials and can be completely recycled (closed loop). rPET is safe, hygienic and is collected kerbside across NZ. Glass is easily damaged and extremely heavy; increasing CO2 emissions into the environment.


Our Plant-based range is leading the change towards our carbon neutral future. Plant-based foods are becoming increasingly popular across the globe because they are gentler on our planet.

Made from plants, tastes like The Collective...
we’re excited to share our epic dairy free plant-based yoghurt with you.


planting native trees

Supporting Trees That Count is one of the ways we are reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

Planting trees helps contribute to greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, stronger communities and trees absorb CO2 in the air reducing the effects of climate change.

Plant Trees
We have arrows

we have helped plant 1100 trees so far