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Introducing a dairy-free yoghurt worth flipping out over and the best tasting yoghurt grown on earth.

Thick, creamy, and totally dreamy; that’s the power of dairy-free. Learn more about why our new dairy-free range is so special...

our unique blend

We all know that to make the best tasting yoghurt you need the finest milk.

And, that’s what we do. We make our own dairy-free milk using a blend of oats, coconut and rice (right here in our purpose-built Avondale ‘plant’). We then blend our milk with coconut cream and hundreds of millions of live cultures to create a thick ‘n’ creamy yoghurt, with a taste and texture that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.

Our unique brand

making smarter choices

Our dairy-free yoghurt is leading the charge towards a brighter carbon neutral future.

✓ Officially carbon neutral certified through Climate partners – offsetting our carbon by supporting afforestation, and clean oceans worldwide

✓ Carefully selected and sourced ingredients, that have a low environmental impact and support local suppliers where possible

✓ Proudly sourcing and using recycled plastic (rPET) packaging


our range

This is a dairy-free yoghurt without compromise.

Plant Trees

" an unbeatable dairy-free option, without compromise; that's low in sugar, probiotic and can be used just like other yoghurt! "

Danijela Unkovich, Registered Nutritionist