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"We were motivated by the belief that everyone deserves to have great tasting yoghurt, not just goop in a tub."

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True to our purpose - 'to fight the good food fight' - we're on a journey towards having a more positive impact on our people, planet and community. As part of that journey, we're proud to share our second impact report.

I don't think anyone will forget 2023 in a hurry. Climate change's reprecussions hit home hard. The devastation of the Auckland Floods and Cyclone Gabrielle impacted our staff and community, and even halted our factory operations for a few days. The events highlighted just how important it is to stay on track and committed to stopping climate change.

We're tackling our emissions by fully accessing our total carbon footprint. Everything from our raw materials, to conversion into finished products, to getting our goods to supermarkets. This process has highlighted areas to focus on and helped form a plan to reduce our emissions. To sharpen our focus and hold us accountable. we're now actively pursuing B Corp certification. If successful, we'll be joining our UK team - an existing B Corp, who recertified in October with an impressive 104.5 points.

There's been a couple of 'wow' moments for me this year. First our partnership with KiwiHarvest. This amazing organisation takes otherwise-wasted food and redistributes it to those who need it. Our staff have had the opportunity to volunteer and help pack food bundles, which has been immensely satisfying. Second there's the continued growth in our dairy-free product range, with the launch of dairy-free suckies - the chiller's only dairy-free option for kids. Many have been looking for a dairy-free lunchbox for ages and the feedback from parents (and kids!) has been fantastic.

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