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what is icelandic skyr?

Did you know, Skyr (said ski-er in kiwi terms *grin*) has been a staple for Icelandics for thousands of years. This thick ‘n’ creamy yoghurt is made the traditional Icelandic way, with milk and Icelandic cultures and then strained, creatin’ a yoghurt that’s high in protein and low in sugar. Our Icelandic Skyr is sportin’ simple ingredients, with a natural focus to make sure your’re gettin’ the real deal.


We love to mix our Icelandic Skyr in with our morning muesli, blend it into a smoothie, or just enjoy as protein-packed snack on its own. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and social pages for some protein-packed, drool-worthy recipes featuring this epic yoghurt.


You can find our Icelandic Skyr in a variety of flavours including Natural, Vanilla, Raspberry Hibiscus and Blueberry Cinnamon – a firm favourite at The Collective HQ! All flavours can be found in leading supermarkets nationwide.